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What we offer to you:

Affordable Websites for Everybody
in Somerset County Pennsylvania

Our Offer:

Basic Website following our below written Rules:

Website-Design and Website-Hosting for the first year ................... $ 100.00 10% Down-Payment needed with Registration.
(Registration included)

Website-Hosting for the following years .......................................... $   10.00
(yearly Fee)

Additional Page to this Website, following our below written Rules:

Website-Design and Website-Hosting for the first year ................... $   50.00

Website-Hosting additional Page for the following years ................ $    5.00
(yearly Fee)

Our Offers are based on Cooperation between you, our Customer, and us, SomersetWEB Website-Design and Website-Hosting.

You, our Customer, will choose a Name for your Website, the Name's appendix (.com, .net, .org, .us, etc.) and a Nickname for Registration purposes and order your Website Registration at SomersetWEB Website-Design and Website-Hosting.

We, SomersetWEB Website-Design and Website-Hosting, will notify your chosen Website Name to ICANN for Registration and will provide you with a temporary Password you may change anytime. If your chosen Website Name is not available, we will notify you.

You, our customer, will provide photos and/or graphics and text which shall appear on your Website via eMail or on a portable storage device (Floppy Disk, CD, or USB-Stick) or in printed (machine readable) form.
You may choose a Sample-Website explaining how your Website should appear. If you have a Business Card from which parts of it may be used as the Website Headline or otherwise, add two of them – one with markings selecting the part to be used on your Website, and one for scanning purposes to put it on your Website (additional fee may apply for digitizing). It is your obligation to make sure you own all Copyrights on the material you deliver to us (this is the case if you have been the Creator of your Material) .

We will put all your inputs together and compose your Website.
We will eMail the result to you
together with our Invoice as soon as your Website is ready.

After your approval we will launch your Website – you can see your Website on the Internet then.

That's it! Cooperation makes an affordable Website possible!

Here the small print:
Fees may change without notice depending on our expenses. Fees are guaranteed with our confirmation of your order.
If our confirmation of your order shows higher fees then expected, within seven days you may cancel your order – no questions asked.

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