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Meyersdale Mall - located in the heart of Maple City!
Mountain Mamas Pepper's - Mmm ... Mmm, them's good peppers!
Whisper Voice - Voice Enhancement System
No unwanted acoustic feedback even with highest gain!
The Magic Cube Vibration Speaker FD-500
The new sound of music - a rewarding experience!
Hama Electronic Accessories
hama - Made by Ideas!
Innovation and Imagination are the fundamentals 
hama has employed from its inception, 
which has created the exemplary track record 
as a family owned business, 
full of tradition and constantly searching 
for new markets and technologies.
BruehlConsult Electronic Solutions
Experience is what counts!
Electronics Development and Troubleshooting
Digital, Analog, and Microprocessor Design.
Hard- and Software, PCB Layout and Prototypes,

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