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Why we have chosen our Business Model:

Affordable Websites for Everybody
in Somerset County Pennsylvania

Internet is meanwhile a primary source for Information.
People are “googling” for Answers –
what people do not find on the Internet, does not exist to them.
This is one important reason for you to show Presence on the Internet,
to have a Website, often called “Homepage”.

But there are some hurdles to overcome and some special circumstances in the rural area of Somerset County:

  • High Speed Internet (DSL etc.) is seldom found.
    Dial-Up Internet-Access is the Rule.

  • High Income and high Profits are seldom found in rural Business.

  • High Gas prices and long distances increase Cost of Living,
    may lead to more buying via Internet, may lead to home Delivery again.

  • Knowledge for setting up Websites for eCommerce (selling via Internet) is not easy to achieve.

  • Professional Website-Design normally is offered
    in the Range of $1,000 and up.

  • Choosing a Web-Design-Company often leads into
    dependence on this company.

Having these conditions in mind, we developed a new Business Model for Website-Design and Website-Hosting:

  • First of all, the name of your Website is an important asset.
    It has to belong to you, and not to the company doing the Web-Design or Web-Hosting. That's why we use a twofold establishing system
    to make sure that you stay as the owner of your Website's name
    with all the connected rights and your own personal Password, even if your Website is hosted (stored) on SomersetWEB's Webspace.
    With this approach you stay independent.

  • Second, we are using methods to make sure your Website has a fast download (showing your Website fast) – even in rural areas.

  • And last, but not least, we will design and host affordable Websites
    (see Offers).

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